Globally disable the educational advices after a user has reached a certain level

The educational messages that appears on the right when you open a new topic are very useful for new users but they have become intrusive for power users.

Please, note that I’m not talking about those kind of educational messages that are specific to new users

I’m reffering to the other messages, for example “By mentioning @your-team, you are about to notify xx people – are you sure?” , the dominating topic advice and the other similar advices.

As I said above I want disable those kind of messages only for the users that have reached at least the TL3 because it is assumed that these “rules” have already learned (and if they “break” the rules it is for a good reason).

In my case for example, I often close the educational messages (in my forum too) only to see the primary advice (I think the most important) that say “Your topic is similar to…” so I can see if other users have already posted something similar or not.

PS. I don’t know the technical name used for those messages that’s why I call them “educational”, please edit the title with their real name if they have one.

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I think that people who regularly mention users will automatize clicking the “OK” button and that the warning remains useful. Maybe you meant to put @team (and not notify everyone ). But perhaps having an option to turn those off would be nice for some.

Well, this is for sure, nevertheless remains a frustrating thing for a power user because he already knows that if he mention a group it will notify all members and he already knows that he is dominating a topic (this happens especially when a power user write some documentation modifying the OP and add a reply to inform the rest of the community what he added/delated/changed and why).

Let me reformulate the feature request as “disable those messages related to a possible bad behavior of the user (IF the user has reached TLX)”