Suppress all post warning / education panels?

Two of the forums I admin with Discourse contain users that know each other in real life and talk about things that occur in real life (business based and sport based).

  • I couldn’t find any discussion about this anywhere specifically, but is there a way to suppress all warnings/education for posts?

New users (clients) on my business forum get annoyed by all the education that occurs to them and people who know each other on the sport one get annoyed when members are called out for replying to each other a little bit in one topic.

Which ones in particular? This is awfully vague. Can you be specific?

All warnings pertaining to posting I suppose … or even just all warnings as the OP suggests.

New posters, replying too much to people and suggesting private messaging, topics having similar content to other topics … all education warnings.

I can disable the awards system, so why can’t I disable the system that tries to guide people in to how to post?

Similar to this topic (except for the TL of a user)

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This CSS should hide all educational messages that show up on the composer preview pane:

.composer-popup-container {
    display: none !important;

Thanks @Osama - will try that out today and report back.

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