Globe icon on custom sections

why is that globe icon there anyways? the one that appears when an admin makes a custom links section available for all users? it is literally the only section heading that i’ve seen that gets it’s own little icon in the side. there’s no options that i saw to add that or change it. it just appears. i found that amusing tbh, but it was disposable lol.


it’s there to indicate that it’s a section shown to all users (a tooltip could probably help clarify this!)


aha! thank you for the explanation. can regular users see it or just admins? i never checked, i just hid it right away LOL :joy:

edit: i checked with my test user account and no it cannot be seen by non-admins. totally did not at all occur to me that the globe icon wasn’t viewable by regular users. well no need for that CSS code snippet. thanks for the clarity @awesomerobot :slight_smile:


I was thinking about this today, and I thought it may be an idea to flip it and have the global ones look like regular menu items without the icon and have the ‘individual’ ones marked with something instead as a reminder that not everyone has the same view as you.


i like this idea :+1:


I know I’m full of complaints about this,[1] but I don’t mean this one that way, just as a anecdotal data point. Since I know what it is, I understood it to mean that without a second thought — it’s “world readable”. But on thinking about it, I think without that a priori, I would have assumed it meant something to do with internationalizarion or localization.

  1. genuinely sorry — I do think it’s a good direction overall ↩︎


So did I!! A tooltip would be most helpful I think.