Let users edit custom global sidebar sections

Right now when an admin adds a custom sidebar section and makes it visible to everyone, it appears like a default menu section to users.

Users can add their own custom section, but the feature uses a unique button at the bottom of the sidebar. They might not know about it and then struggle to figure out how it actually works. Community managers likely need to add something like a community handbook topic to introduce and explain the feature.

It could be more intuitive if an admin could add a custom global section, pre-fill it with a few useful user links and allow users to edit it. The edit action would not be unique, but follow the common pattern for editing sidebar sections:


For admins, this would require two checkboxes on the custom section:

  • Visible to everyone
  • Users can edit

Right now the checkbox is placed between the action buttons and it’s not easy to realize that this checkbox is not part of the common user interface, but only available to admins:

I’d prefer to have an indicator when an admin action is offered within a common interface elements:



This is something we had discussed doing but it has yet to be prioritized.

There’s always a bit of complexity around how to handle the situation when an admin updates the defaults after a user has edited their own core to contend with.