Larger default sidebar font size

Soon we’ll be trying out a change that increases the font-size of the sidebar content because it’s a little on the small size at the moment (13px for links). The new size for links will match our default font-size for body text (15px).

This will likely be a love/hate kind of change. It might take a little getting used to. If we can keep feedback and issues within this topic it would be appreciated!

  • :+1: Love it!
  • :person_shrugging: Don’t care
  • :-1: Hate it!

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i like this idea. i was just contemplating this past weekend of doing some CSS to increase the sidebar font size.


I have custom theme components on all the instances I have admin access to that does exactly this so I’m all for it. :slight_smile:


I think there is a tiny bit of extra salt and pepper we can add for info density…

  1. I think headers can be the same size as items, they are bolded which is enough to call them out

  2. I think the distance between sections can be narrowd a bit

  3. I think that maybe there is room to reduce 1px or margin between items?

Overall I think the change is good, but some minor adjustment may help here, cause the downside is sidebar scrolling if we leave too much breathing room.


Okay, I’m just gonna say it: Maybe just remove the “Community” header in the sidebar? (A plea!) would also provide more room.


i’ve used a bunch of CSS on the sidebar to change things, including, narrowing the gap between the sidebar and main outlet window, removing the globe icon from custom (admin) links, and change the margin settings to move the text over to the left a bit. removed some links from under community, changed the category bullets, hid lock badges on certain categories, and used the text replacement to rename Community and Everything. also transparency so some of my theme and category background watermark images show through. i figured out how to change the spacings between things but since it’s being worked on by the team, i’ve not changed it.


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After experimenting the font-size change, I confirm I appreciate it (I voted only based on the screenshot :upside_down_face:).

My head is 5cm farther from the monitor :+1:


Some more adjustments incoming:

This will reduce header size and some spacing


lol right after i applied some CSS to do it. :sweat_smile:

ok the sidebar all looks perfect to me now on my forum. thank you for the tweaks!

i just closed up the gap a little bit between the top header (Community on Meta) and the header bar on my forum.

now that globe icon looks cute to me because i know i am the only one who can see it :innocent:

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