GoDaddy Discourse Install. Pros/Cons

Hey everyone, im looking into installing Discourse through a GoDaddy hosting:

I already have GoDaddy’s service hired for email and Webflow webpage hosting and wanted an expert and user opinion on implementing this install. Every input would be appreciated, i already know using digital ocean would be a more accurate choice, but i want to give it a try and optimize already allocated resources.

The general idea would be to implement Discourse’s forum platform as a sub-domain to my already existing Webflow webpage (Hosted by GoDaddy). Im sorry in advance if i have some concept errors, not my field of expertise.

Then give it a try. It’s not that hard to move from one provider to another, just back up the old site, download it, upload it to the new one and restore it there.

Edit: sounds like avoiding it would be wise.

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Looks like it’s a bitnami install, so please don’t use it. It’s an old, unsupported install with security problems.


I would avoid GoDaddy for hosting, they cannot even seem to provide a proper wordpress platform to their users as they took wordpress and fiddled with it to fit within their messy system, go read their user communities. I am a long time GD customer but only for domain name purchases and nothing else.


The fact that they recommend 1GB and even offer 512MB memory plans says enough :slight_smile:


Thanks! Guess the same goes for amazon hosting right?

Yes, if it’s using Bitnami, it’s problematic. Specifically:

Latest Version 1.5.3-1-r28

That’s quite an old version of Discourse. There’s a lot of new hawtness available, and a number of quite critical security bugs fixed, that you’d be missing out on using that version.


For Amazon I just used a Ubuntu (16.04) AMI and followed the install cloud instructions. Works fine for testing with a free tier, I ended up going to more ram and increased the disk space, but the sandbox install I am working with is 1.8 Million posts, and 40K user accounts.


The new Amazon LightSail also works with Discourse, I tested myself. The price is bad, you get more performance from a same price Digital Ocean droplet, but it does work.


I don’t even think you can install it because their VPS is cPanel based, which means that they probably don’t support Discourse’s required technologies.