Google Adsense content security policy error

Adsense fails to load ads and just shows the word advertisement with the following error20191210910_202309

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See Mitigate XSS Attacks with Content Security Policy, here’s the relevant portion (you can find these settings by searching your site settings for content security policy):


OK, I added https:, and now the advert location just grew and takes up a big part of the page now, when it only took one line for the word advertisement before

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Looks like the script is working now but the ad is failing to load for some reason… are there any errors?

I am actually on mobile right now and will not have access to my pc for a bit as it’s being repaired, you can go to the site here and check the console for errors.

Took a quick look and it’s not entirely clear to me. I believe the ad plugin is working now because you get a Google iframe served for the ad… but there’s no content in that iframe. I don’t see any related errors.


Why would the iframe have no content?

On the Discourse side it looks like things are working, but I have no insight into reasons why Google might not be serving ads.

Are there any errors or notifications in your adsense account? For new sites sometimes it can take a little while for ads to start being served.

If you’re not seeing any issues with your configuration Google does have a specific form you can submit in the case where ads aren’t appearing: