Google Dangerous Alert when upgrade

Hello community

Chrome show alert message when I tried to make upgrade.

After that Google Search Console say me that I have 1 issue with secure.

Please, how to fix it?

This is screenshot from Google Search Console

This isn’t a Discourse issue specifically. Check out:

The report includes sample URLs which have been deemed to contain deceptive content, which typically means social engineering. Have you reviewed those pages?

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Thank you, Stephen.

I saw this page. But I not found anything on my site that could make an error.

Maybe our URL looks like an Apple Logic Pro X tool?

The report should show you which URLs were flagged:

  • Check the Security Issues report to see if your site is listed as containing deceptive content (the reporting term for social engineering). Visit some sample flagged URLs listed in the report, but use a computer that’s not inside the network that is serving your website (clever hackers can disable their attacks if they think the visitor is a website owner).

That’s where you’re going to find your answer.

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I tried, but:

“Problem Page URL - Missing”

It’s very strange, because there is nothing on server except Discourse code, therefore I presume that it could be by URL.