Warning message again from Google search console, saying there is no “itemListElement”

I got a warning message from Google search console, saying there is no “itemListElement” in 1,985 pages. My discourse is 2.5.0.beta5.

I was told here that the discourse update would solve this problem, but it didn’t.
I would appreciate if someone could tell me how I can solve this problem.

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Dear @nujabes

Sometimes another datapoint helps, so here is another datapoint, for you @nujabes . FYI: We are (still) running 2.5.0.beta4.

Our Discourse site has seen an (expected) slow increase in indexed pages in GSC since we migrated our forums, around the first week of April 2020:

The only “errors” we see in GSC

are related to pages we have blocked with robots.txt or marked “no-index” (also expected):

Hope this datapoint helps in some small way, @nujabes.


We had a regression that caused these errors just over a month ago. That lines up with the graph you’ve shared. Please make sure your site is fully up to date - latest release is 2.5.0.beta6 - then run a validation for the error via the search console. This will cause Google to re-check the pages. Note that the validation will take quite some time (multiple days) to run.


Thanks for the information.
I hope that there will be no errors on my website after the next update.


OK, I will ask my developer to update my site.

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My developer updated my discourse to 2.5.0. beta6. After that I ran the validation.
However, the same problem persists.

What should I do?

The validation failed after the update?

Can you share a few of the links Google is showing as having an error, along with the exact error message?

Does your site have any plugins installed, or theme components? If so, please share the list of both too.


Yes, the validation failed after the update. I ran it again now just in case though.

Here are some of the URLs that have errors.

The error message was “no itemListElement” in Japanese.

Please find the screenshot of the plugins.


Google highlights where “itemListElement” should be in a red background for all web pages, which have problems.

Do you see any errors for newer/recent topics? I’m suspicious that a rebake of old posts might be needed.

What do you mean? Do you mean my discourse? If so,there are about 2000 errors.
Or do you mean this post? If so, I had to do that since my old post was closed.

I’m referring to the topics. The 3 you linked to above are from 2016 and 2018. Are any of the topics that show an error in the Google Search Console newer? Ideally created in the last few months?


OK, thanks.

Here are three URLs created this year.

So those topics are all before our recent fixes/changes to how we handle schema.org structured data. When a topics/post is created, we “cook” it, in essence processing the markdown, HTML, and other content of the “raw” post, and turning it into the formatted post you see on the site. As these posts were cooked prior to our fixes, it may be necessary to rebake them.

Please try the following:

  1. Have your developer connect to the server where Discourse is running.
  2. Enter the Discourse Docker container:
    cd /var/discourse
    sudo ./launcher enter app
  3. Run a rebake of all posts:
    rake posts:rebake

Note that the rebake will take some time to complete, and can be CPU intensive, especially if your site is large. I’d recommend running it at a time when your site isn’t too active.

Once the rebake is complete, try re-running the validation in the Google search console.


OK, thanks! I will tell this to our developer and share the result here after the validation is completed.

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