Google Input Tools in Discourse

My website in hindi and my visitors writes in hindi but english fonts. So google input tools is best way to automatically convert english fonts into hindi fonts.
It is like in this link

I have the code install it in new topic form or reply form, so I want to know how can I edit new topic form and reply form.

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It will help you

Hi @vinothkannans, I habe already read that. My problem is that how can I implement it in discourse.

If you are good in javascript & jquery then you can do it easily.

You have to add suggested javascript in Discourse admin’s customization panel. To get current composer textfield (textarea) id use jquery’s css selector.

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I got it. But another problem I am facing is that, what var ids I have to add in javascript code. Also how can I add the language on-off button in editor form.

That what I told earlier. To get current composer textfield (textarea) id use jquery’s css selector.

If you need more usage features it’s better to create a plugin.

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@techAPJ / @vinothkannans how common is doing something like this on websites in India?

I know in Hebrew for example I would never see something like this and just rely on fonts in the OS and font selector in the OS.

Technically this can all be done today in a theme component.


I personally do not see people posting content in Devanagari script on websites very often. I do see the use of Hinglish which is written in English script.

I get a lot of messages on WhatsApp written in Devanagari script but they are mostly forwards… I don’t see people often making an effort to write in Devanagari themselves.

There are very few people who actually know how to write in Devanagari using OS fonts, myself included. For that using Google Indic Keyboard or Google Input Tools is the way to go.


Same here. “Google Indic Keyboard” for mobile is famous among common people to write in Tamil language. But in desktop we don’t have an easy solution except “Google Input Tools”. In some professional use cases people are using Windows Tamil fonts/keyboard.

Anyway it is no longer supported to add “Google Input Tools” on websites using JavaScript. Instead either it should be used by the Chrome extension or in the URL So we can close this topic.