Readonly mode for Google translate


Is it possible to add a parameter to the url, so the online website google translator can translate a discourese page?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Can you explain exactly what it is you want to do? I don’t understand.

(Kane York) #3

The “translate to {language}” function built into Chrome works fine on Discourse IIRC.


This doesn’t work:

Is it possible to get a link with a translated page somehow else? in Firefox? without plugin?


I found out, that that link works fine, if you disable javascript completely, so discourse seems to serve the javascript version to google translator

could you add a get-option to enable noscript view of a page?

(Ryan Mulligan) #6

@riking is right that the built in function works fine, but sometimes people use and translating this thread to Chinese, for example, ends up looking quite empty:

It also generates entries in the forum logs.

(system) #7