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:discourse2: Summary Google Fonts is a simple theme component that allows you to add a font from Google Fonts without writing any CSS.
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Install this theme component

This component allows you to set the main site font, and optionally separate fonts for headlines and monospaced text (code blocks). You can also choose a font weight in each case, and increase the overall font size.

Behind the scenes this sets up a little bit of CSS along with Google’s font <link>. Note that this is relying on Google to serve the font files from


This Fantastic! Can this be installed Multiple Times to link to different themes by changing it’s Name in Advanced install?

I don’t see why not. We’ve installed the same theme twice, for example here on Meta to have both a light and dark version.


Thanks. Forgot you can rename it to identify/link it to other themes.

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Thank you. I love it. :grin:


Should this work with published pages or does it need to be updated for the new feature? It’s showing as the correct font-family, but it’s not displaying the font on published pages. Thanks!

Thanks :heart: I really love it.

Hey Kris, in the latest build the body font has stopped working.

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I just made a small update that should fix it.

We have a theme selection step that was just added to the site setup wizard a couple days ago, and this changed how fonts were applied in Discourse generally, so I had to make the component-added style more specific.


That did it, thanks Kris!

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Look like we using v1 api:

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I just discovered that this component does not work for /pub/ (published) pages. The fonts are not loading on these pages resulting in a default Times New Roman alike font.

I’m seeing default fonts as well, but on the activate account page