Google Translate shows "blank" page

My goal is to send some English-speaking people a link to view the one or another topic on my forum, even if it is only auto-translated.

So I tried Google Translate on my German page:


It generates me this URL:


(I’ve added this + to prevent the preview here)

The “blank” page looks like this:

I’ve checked in different browser, with the same result.

I’ve also tried Bing Translator:


With a similar result:

My questions

  • Am I doing something wrong here?
  • Is this a known issue?
  • Any workaround?

It is unlikely these sites can understand a JavaScript app like Discourse. There is a translation plugin here in the #plugin category.


From what I can see in the dev tools console it looks to me that the page has cross-site access issues with loading the iframe content.


Thanks, I’ve installed and configured this plug-in.

Currently, I see no translation icon as described in the above linked description, but maybe I have to wait some time…

Turn it on in your site plugin settings :wink:

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I did, of course. Probably my browser language will trigger the visibility of the icon.

Update I’ve set browser language to “en” (my forum is German). Still no icon visible (non-logged-in user).

Did you fix it. I’m facing the same problem right now