Got a strange error when I transferred our forum to the new server and new domain

The error is shown below.

And, rendered html, Ummm…just be like the screenshot and you can see discourse-root div is repeated many times.
Really don’t know how to fix this error, please help me.
Thank you very much.

屏幕快照 2022-07-26 06.14.17

Oh…I meet the problem after restoring with a backup

How did you move to the new domain? Did you use Change the domain name or rename my Discourse? Another way is to backup and restore. Restoring on a new domain name will update the hostname.

Thanks Jay!
I just follow the step Change the domain name or rename my Discourse?.
And I meet the problem after restoring from a backup(old domain).

Is your site That isn’t running a web server. Maybe you see a cached version? Try an incognito window.

Getting the site working is the first step. Then you might try safe-mode.


Thank you!
I solved the problem with safe-mode.


Great! If you’d mark my post (or yours for that matter) as the solution it’ll tidy things up a bit.



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