"Granted" button not working

When you go to the badges section and scroll down to the trust level section, it should have a hyperlink called granted, but when you click it, it just goes to the badge’s info not the link it should go to this link: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels
Because the html code for the granted part says:
<a href="https://blog.discourse.org/2018/06/understanding-discourse-trust-levels/">Granted</a>
Which is not working.
It looks like it has nothing wrong, and it has a similar HTML structure as the other badges with the link. This is also not due to the theme. Because I’ve tried several themes and all of them had this bug. When I used inspect to remove the href of the badge, it worked. Maybe because the href is prioritized over the granted link?


Sorry for my impatience, but has anyone fixed this yet?

@nbianca these hyperlinks all work funny (aka… don’t work)

Can you add sorting this out to your list?


I can confirm this is fixed. Thanks. :wink: