Group Banner/Flair image upload, and Publicly Created Groups


So Ive been looking into groups for about a week and think Ive come to the realization its not what I thought it was for. It also seems from past post I searched that either the devs dont want to make groups into discussion hubs or either just not right now, not sure. ( I come from Buddypress, or a least trying to do away with it)

Group Customization

  • Group Banner (like Profile Banner)
    That feature alone at least will allow me and anyone else to do CSS work on the backened to customize group page layouts a tad bit.

  • Group Flair/image representation upload from group owner

Publicly Created Groups

  • Allow groups to be created by anyone. (For those tight niches and group discussions ie “R/C boat racers”)

This is what I did in Inspect element with sloppy CSS work:

Because Im trying to move from Buddypress: (these are inspect element tweaks too, my former changes didnt save and I’d be using two social systems instead of just one)

But like I kinda mentioned before, if this is not how Discourse is planning to use groups, thats fine Id just at least like to know. What do ya think community & devs?