Messaging: Group inboxes and archives show even after all messages deleted

On my site, I have a dozen or so old group inboxes showing up in my messages even though I decided not to use them and have deleted all the messages that were in them. Other users who are in these groups also see the group inboxes. Is there anything that can be done to make them go away? I’d be grateful. :pray:

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Any ideas here @sam?

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Change the group not to accept messages?

Toggling “who can message and @mention this group” from “Everyone” to “Nobody” doesn’t seem to make any difference. I also have many other groups that have never received a message that don’t have a group inbox. It seems to just be the ones that previously received messages.

Are there any messages in archive?

Nope… no messages in archive. I made sure to delete all messages in the inbox and in the archive for each group mailbox.

@tobiaseigen is this still happening?

@sam have you had a brainwave of what might be happening here in the last month-or-so?

yup - still looks the same, with a long list of group inboxes and archives that when clicked on are empty.

@sam I’d love a fix for this at some stage. Don’t know if others are affected but it’s not great in my community and members are complaining about it.

When you get a chance, can you let me know if there’s a solution for this? Even a database query I can run to just delete the old message inboxes containing no messages for those who have them?

I felt hopeful that we could put this baby to rest until messaging gets some love, now that we have this:

Sure @techapj can you take a look at this?


Sent a PR for it:

EDIT: PR is merged.

@tobiaseigen after updating to latest version, the empty group inboxes will be cleared up in ~12 hours.

Feel free to flag this post if the issue persists.


Note you can manually kick off the weekly task by going to /sidekiq/scheduler searching for Weekly and triggering that.


Oh right. Also, I just noticed that this process will run in EnsureDbConsistency job which runs every 12 hours, so the process should be quick.