"Request to join group" not working?

When I set a group to accept join requests, I’m finding it’s listed as “closed” on the /groups page. Anyone else seeing this?

It looks like the text for the checkbox has changed. It currently states

Allow users to send membership requests to group owners.

The text for something like the following was removed

Requires everyone to be able to mention/message the group

But it appears that is still a requirement.

I would love to remove the requirement since

  • owners (last 5 active) now get notifications of requests

  • default notification for groups is Watching


Is this a bug @tgxworld? It is causing support problems for us so this needs to be addressed.

Than you, Jeff. I need to invite 600+ partners to a “Partner” group. Because we are using SSO, I can’t utilize the bulk invite feature, so this is presently my only option to get them onboarded :frowning:

I thought I removed the alias level restriction but it doesn’t seem like it. Fixed in



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