Group membership not revoked after users' email change

We have a user group and a flair defined for people that register with a certain company email adress. One person left the company for another job and updated his email accordingly.

  • The flair disappeared as expected.
  • But he remains as the member of the group, even though the email no longer matches.

The group membership should be revoked, just like the flair, right?

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I rather doubt it. I’m surprised that the flair was removed, but maybe the changes the primary group. I’m watching to see what someone else says. I’d need to check the source and can’t (easily) on my phone.

Edit: shows what I know.

Back in 2018 that was definitely the case, I can’t say I’ve used it lately. There could be a change or regression here.


I can reproduce this on latest tests-passed: when a user changes their email address, they are not removed from the group.


To me this feels like a feature request which involves changes to the way we communicate this feature as well.

We currently only talk about adding to a group, not removing.

If we start auto removing

  • We need to communicate upfront that this happens in our help text
  • We need to clearly define what happens to users that are manually added to the group. (do they get automatically kicked out, how does the admin know the feature is working - do we flag them in the UI)

As a workaround for the missing feature I would recommend regular audits using a data explorer query.