User flair remains after user is removed from group

If I remove a user from a group, should I expect that group’s flair to be removed from the user’s avatar immediately?

I just removed a user from a group.
She has no primary group selected.

In her preferences, she has no flair selected

I’ve refreshed my browser and logged myself out and back in.

Does she have to log out and back in before the flair is removed? Am I overlooking a step somewhere?

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Most jobs are shown in For example if you changed a badge query, you could wait a day for the BadgeGrant job to run, or you could hurry it along by hitting the Trigger button manually. I don’t know which of those jobs updates the flairs though.

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Yes, except for a tiny edge case of an anonymous user which will see the old flair on some pages for 1 minute.

We will investigate and fix.


User flair also remains when primary group is changed to a new primary group that has a flair associated with it.

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