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I set one of my colleagues as the group owner for a private group. He is not an overall admin, just an employee that is the group owner.

When adding users to the private group, he has been receiving notices saying “you have performed this action too many times” despite only adding 8-10 users per day.

As the overall discourse admin, I haven’t hit any sort of limit myself.
Are there any other permissions I need to give to him, or anything we can do to lift this limit?

It looks like he is running into the limit set by the max invites per day site setting. That setting has a default value of 10 invites per day. The limit is not applied to staff members.

When adding users to a group, if email addresses of users who do not yet exist on the site are added to the form, each email address that is added will be counted as an invite.


Is that setting one I can change? I haven’t been able to find it poking around in the settings. Or, does that mean that only staff can invite more than 10 people a day? In which case I’d have to make him a staff member for him to invite more than 10 people a day, correct?

Yes. To find the setting, go to your site settings page and enter max invites per day into the search box that’s near the top left of the page.

Note that if you change this setting, it will affect the maximum number of invites that all users on your site will be able to send. The other way to deal with this would be to make the user a staff member so that he can send an unlimited number of invites.


Fantastic! Thank you so much for your help Simon, I appreciate it!

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