Trying to make a generic invite

I’m trying to make a nice generic invite for my community.

We’ve made a user with a nice username and name to appear on the invite screen.

But the number of invites is limited to 10, and the timeframe is limited to three months.

Is there a way to bypass the limit to create a generic invite with a large number of uses that we can post on our website and other socials so we can drive traffic to our discourse site?

Staff users can set the expiration date to anytime and go up to 5000 users with the default settings


Hi @spdegabrielle if you search “invite” in admin - settings, you should find the required fields you can configure.

@not-ethan and @Lilly

Thank you for responding so quickly.

I’m trying to make a generic invite, not tied to a particular user.

So while the staff users can do 5000 with any date limit, the invite is tied to their name. which isn’t very informative on the invite screen,

@Lilly The user limits are restricted to three months - and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change that.

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@Lilly my mistake - there is an ‘invite expiry days’ setting - but sadly it is global - I’m disinclined to change all users to 5000.

Do you want all users to be able to invite, or just limit this one particular account or selected ones? If latter, I guess you could set min trust level to allow invite to TL4 then assign those users to that trust level. :thinking:

Good suggestion. It seems reasonable as I’ve never had a user use the invite function. Still, I’d rather not remove the facility.

I’m guessing from your responses the a generic site invite - like many discord servers - is not a feature available in discourse?

Ok I think I may have figured it out. Use a staff account. The setting shown below: invite link max redemptions limit applies to staff accounts. Also max invites per day doesn’t appear to be limited by staff.

Check out this topic

In other words, exactly what @not-ethan said, but the settings don’t appear that clear.

Perhaps the setting descriptions could use some more clarity. :thinking:

Yes I’m aware of staff account capabilities. But I’m after a generic invite, not one from one of our staff.

What does generic mean now?

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I’m confused as to why you don’t just make a designated staff account for this? I think I am just misunderstanding what you are trying to do. My apologies.

We only have a limited number of staff accounts. Would need to ‘unstaff’ someone.

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Why not temporarily increase the standard invite limit up to say, a few thousand+ uses, make your invite, then set the limit back to normal?

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Thanks I’ll try that and report back

Im sad to say while it was a good idea
Upping the limits seemed to have no effect on the user I created and impersonated.

I also just noticed the regular user invite doesn’t include the ability to set a landing topic.

You might want to create a user for this purpose, e.g. use system or “forum identity”.

You could use the API to generate links as that user, or impersonate.

Which limit did you raise?

If it was only max invites per day, that is not the right one.

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Good point! I missed ’ invite link max redemptions limit users’, but it ultimately failed.

I was able to create an invite with a 14 year lifespan and 5000 uses, but it is non-functional in practice, returning an ‘Validation failed’ error,

It also lacks the ability to set the ‘Arrive at topic’ parameter available to staff users.

Thanks to everyone for their help.

I’m inclined to log a feature request for generic ‘Welcome’ invites that can go to an ‘about this site’ post.


For this bit, I think if you use the invite button from the topic itself it should allow a normal user to have an ‘arrive at topic’ version. Though the topic has to be in a public category:

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did not realise that

I still have the "validation failed’ error - which I am guessing occurred because I set the user invite settings back to their defaults. (I’m assuming regular users are limited, and new users cannot send invites at all for good reasons)

As it stands my options are; demote a staff user, or create an invite user with the steps

  1. relax invite constraints for all users (5000 day, 5000 invites per user)
  2. create a special user with the name ‘community invite’,
  3. go to the ‘Welcome new users’ topic while impersonating user
  4. create the invite with the maximum number of uses (length defaults to 14 years)
    Noting that I must not reset the invite settings to their defaults or the invite will trigger a ‘Validation failed’ error and be unusable.

By comparison Discord communities have generic invites like that go straight to their onboarding or nominated channel.


Yes, don’t use an invite link. :smiley:

I’m not being facetious, but invite links, outside of a private, exclusive community don’t provide enough benefits, in my opinion.

If you share how your community is configured, I could give specific advice. Here’s what I’ve done with Discourse in the past:

  1. Create a welcome topic explaining stuff, and inviting the public to join the forums, explaining it’s low traffic, no spam, run by whichever org, etc. (the invite page)
  2. Take that topic URL and create a permalink for it in Discourse, so
  3. Share on social media

In this scenario the forums were public, and user could sign up without pre-approval. That permalink is “evergreen”, because I can change where it points; I can publish it online, in print, as a QR code, etc.

That’s one content-driven approach to inviting new members. :slight_smile: