Group PM issues reported by user

(Bcguy) #1

A user has reported the following issue with Group PM feature (I’m running the current software).

“when i post, the text box stays after the post has been sent and then i need to then abandon the post but it still posts it, its weird and could lead to double posts.”

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Possible regression @eviltrout?

(Robin Ward) #3

I’ll take a look in the morning. Possibly something was missed with PMs.

(Robin Ward) #4

I tried to reproduce this but can’t – do you have any steps I can follow to make it happen so I can debug it?

(Bcguy) #5

The user isn’t super helpful - but here is a little more information:

the issue is happening on his smartphone - an android-based phone using chrome browser.

(Bcguy) #6

and this:

“Says error 500 message then you need to abandon post even tho it has already been written but the post stays where it is”

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Yes, I was able to repro this on meta and @eviltrout is looking into it.

(Robin Ward) #8

A simple fix here:

Not sure why this showed up recently, doesn’t seem to be related to my major post queue changes. Coincidence?

(Jeff Atwood) #9