Group Review-link with admin-links in the dropdown-menu

I think it would be more coherent (and better support modifying the hamburger drop-down menu) if the Review-link would be grouped with the admin links in the html model. Right now it is grouped with general links:

Screenshot from 2021-05-27 18-16-06

The admin links could probably profit from a slight change overall. I thinks it’s a bit misleading that “Admin” is listed for moderators, that only have access to the dashboard. Why not just:



Seems reasonable to me!


Though a straightforward setup could even be:


With Review-notifications being related to Moderation:


And following the links would take you to two distinct backend views:

Moderation backend:

Administration backend:

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@osioke, took me some time to come back to this, but that’s kind of how I would elaborate the feedback I had posted in your thread When you started your first Discourse community, what did you find hard to do?

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