Group-specific Sidebar Categories/Tags

One should be able to add certain categories/tags to the sidebar for specific groups. E.g. this would allow all members of a group to access their group category quickly without every group member having to set that up themselves.

This would also be consistent with how Discourse manages notification settings hierarchically (general site settings > group settings > user settings).

I’m thinking, this settings page would probably be an appropriate place to add a “Sidebar default categories” dropdown:


I’m encountering this issue at the moment too. But I’m also aware that it will add yet another layer of complexity to group config.

Building on this, it might be much simpler to have all categories and tags that are being ‘watched’ appear automatically in the sidebar.

However, I could see this causing some loss of power as there will be categories that folk might like to watch, but never visit unless they get a notification. They would be wasted space on the sidebar. But they could hide these if they are annoying.

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