Grouped liked notifications should sort by the most recent like

When someone likes a bunch of your posts, they sometimes get grouped like this:


However, this still shows the timestamp for the oldest of the likes and sorts it that way as well (see individual likes below for comparison). Because it still sorts it by the oldest like time in the group, a new notification (if the user likes yet another post for example) can get lost underneath older notifications. I think this should be changed to show the timestamp for the most recent like and sort it based on that as well.

The issue though is that this will keep floating up your notification list which can cause confusion.

Does this really matter that much?


I find it confusing now when I get a new notification and can’t find it without looking way down the list. Can you explain why what you just described would be confusing? Because I’m having trouble understanding why that would be the case.

The notification would be unstable (as you propose, if the date of notification keeps getting overwritten as new likes arrive) and thus it would constantly shift position in the notification list. That’d be … quite odd.


Hmm… shouldn’t the grouped notification be completely stable then, including what’s included in it? So if four likes become grouped and get fixed in time, wouldn’t it be better to show a new fifth like as a separate notification?