Groups link to group?

Can the groups listings page, possibly have a link to the group versus just join/leave/group members list options?

Like here being clickable to take you to the group’s forum:

Or did I do something wrong?

My members are already saying: “How do I get there? and I don’t see any posts.” The posts show up on latest and you can find it in the categories, but they are expecting to be able to access the group from the groups join page. It feels like OK so now what after they join.

And while I’m already setting myself up for the big hammer, I might as well ask why the activity tab shows ALL activity. Why doesn’t it show that group’s activity only?

Hi Sara! It looks like you might be confusing groups (which is about users) and categories (which is about topics). I have a hard time explaining this to people myself and it is confusing.

Discourse groups are used to give access to private categories and to assign badges and titles. The groups directory is just a handy way to see and manage the groups on the site, and to let people join and leave those groups that are set up to let people join and leave.

The activity tab does show only activity for people in that group - but it shows the activity of all those people across the site. Pretty handy, but also confusing I know. :slight_smile:

I suppose group owners could add a helpful link in the group description to the categories relevant to the group… so for plugin authors there’d be a link to #plugin. But this is not something that would make sense for every group on the site.


Great overview @tobiaseigen

@Sara_Noel I agree getting users back to the Category and topics is tough. You can add text in the Group description with a link to Categories associated with Groups.

Another feature request would be to let Categories have a “Private” setting in addition to the current “Restricted/Hidden” so all users could see the Category and description but no topics. The Category description could include a Join link or other text related to joining the required Group and gaining access to the Category.

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@scombs Thank you! I completely forgot that I could just link in the description! That’s good enough.

@tobiaseigen If I had gone into it thinking private forum versus groups, I would not have had failed expectations. I will just re-name this something fun and catchy instead of groups and call it a day. :slight_smile:

Thank you both for your time! I appreciate it!


I can imagine a valid feature request for something like a “Group Scope” tab in a groups page. This page would summarise which categories the group has special access to, which Title it has been granted and so forth.


Kind of a la sub-reddits? But the option to have it somewhere other than hamburger menu. I like that because for how I want to use this, the directory is nice for join, leave and a list of groups, and participants, but is otherwise too much and not enough for how I want to use it. LOL I want groups not usergroups even though usergroups is how I am grouping the group. LOL Oh cripes. I’m leaving before I dig myself deeper.

ETA: Victory: