Guest Gate (Sign Up Popup Plugin)

It works as expected - immediate, significant bump in signups! I added the plugin on the 18th… and things ramped quickly:


@sam @codinghorror Just wanted to report a little more on the use of this pop-up. Its super effective at increasing signups.

I really hope that Discourse would integrate this fully into the main platform and improve it with a better UI design, etc. to make it even more compelling to users, and test different versions in A/B testing to optimize the effectiveness.

You can see the difference very clearly as soon as I installed the plugin on March 18th. - Amazing difference in subscription/joins!

And here is the view at the “Quarter” (3 month summary) View. Again - see the difference after implementing popup on March 18:


Hi @BCHK Great to see this impact. Just a question, I have implemented this just now. And can find the plugin in the plugin list / see it is enabled.

But I can’t find the settings option:

Where is it exactly? I searched in Settings. cannot find at all.

Wow it looks amazing and helpful really as you said…
Helping other users too

Settings for the plugin are under “Plugins” - see this image below, for “Guest Gate”:

Did you get things updated for ember cli?


I forked this plugin and made a theme component from this. So you can try or modify it easier. I also added some feature with settings and change, fix some. I hope it’s ok. :slightly_smiling_face:

Added settings:

use_gate_buttons: simply change the footer links to buttons.

redirect_to_home: This can prevent the visitor close the login/signup modal and read the topic. When visitor click the footer buttons/links it will redirect to the home and open automatically the Login/Signup modal.
Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 13.49.55

Dark mode support etc…

Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 13.56.48

I added the custom gate texts to Theme Translations instead of Settings.
Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 16.07.56

Here is the repo :arrow_down_small:

Here you can see it on my site :arrow_down_small:
I use custom gate with buttons and redirect. To check this go to a topic.

Demo on my site

Tip: If you use the custom gate and want to hide the modal header just like on my site. You have to delete the guest_gate.title field and hit a space. It will remove the modal title, so you can use a title below the image.

:warning: Please test it before using it to live.


Thanks for this!

But I can click the “X” and still read on in the topic.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you checked the x button disabled and redirect to home option?

Yes, of course. But I think it’s a little bit paradox to show a banner that the user should login or sign-up, but on the other hand they can still click it away and read on.
Or should this option used to be as a little hint to not force and annoy them to register an account?

You are a hero. This is what I wanted to do as well - and why it took me so long. You beat me to it. Thank you!

I propose that we deprecate the plugin now. This is so much better.

The theme component does have one issue: a flash of unhidden content, if you press Refresh on an admin screen, you will see the close button appear and disappear. This issue was already present in the plugin a long time ago.


I try to find this issue but on my admin I can’t repro this. Can you check this issue is still appear with the theme component?

Thank you!

Ah ok I found it. :slightly_smiling_face: I use the Discourse Loading Slider component that is why I didn’t see it. When I disable the Slider TC the X appear on refresh.

Edit: I fixed it. Thank you Michael!

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Do you plan on making a dedicated topic for it?

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Instead of using an url for an image let the admins directly upload an image.
So instead of this:
custom gate image url:
use this in the settings:

  type: upload
  default: ""
  description: guest gate image

And in yuour scss file something like this:
background-image: url(#{$guest-gate-image});

With this the image will be uploaded directly to the forum and they don’t need an image hoster (and the image maybe will be gone some time later).

Or another possibility is to use fontawesome.


Thanks for the suggestion. I changed it to upload type.



I made some changes in the theme component.

Previously Guest Gate overwrite modal.hbs now I cleaned this up and use dismissable=false in guest-gate.hbs. I removed the modal.hbs and components/d-gate.js files because now we handle the guest gate modal separate, from the other modals. I also removed from guest-gate.hbs and move the css’s to the common.scss because it will not affect other modals anymore.

I changed the x_button_disabled settings name to dismissable_false .


Great work. You should definitely move the TC to a dedicated Topic in #theme?

Perhaps the Plugin can be deprecated?


Thanks Robert! I will move this to #theme soon.


And it’s done! Check out Guest Gate Theme Component