Guest Gate (Sign Up Popup Plugin)

Once I logged out of admin I had the same issue - then couldn’t log back in. SSH in - remove plugin - rebuild.

I also just removed this plugin.
After the new Discourse Update - I’m getting a blank page - because of this plugin - So, I had to remove this plugin to fix it.

Thought of letting you know - so that you can fix it, if you have some free time.

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I’d love to know when this works again! I’d love to have this working on my site!!

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We’re also facing the same problem after the latest update. From our end, it was possible to fix, by disabling the plugin in the Admin-panel.


Seems like @jgujgu has abandoned this. The website he was using this on is no longer operational.

@vinothkannans are you still maintaining your original plugin for this?

No. But I am maintaining this plugin as a part of the below plugin

It have Guest Locker (Guest Gate) and Social Locker features.


I created a PR to fix this plugin. Since OP @jgujgu is not active I forked his plugin here & merged the PR (It is working now :+1:).

As you know it already have minimal version here.


Hello, i’ve problem with this plugin, see:

Have got an idee ?

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Yeah this plugin is broken…I’m getting the same problem.

Looks as though this was flagged as broken before you forked it, is it still known to be working? If so is it worth updating the OP?

Not sure. I didn’t tested it for long time.

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We’re interested in this also - anyone have other solutions?

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Is this Plugin maintained? Would be very useful a Guest Gate, if @vinothkannans has some time or someone else that is familiar with the Plugin workings, I can support the costs.

If you have a budget to fix the plugin you should post in #marketplace and include your budget and time line.


Placed a #marketplace project, if anyone following this thread is interested or even @vinothkannans the original creator.

The code that resulted from the above project is available at GitHub - discoursehosting/discourse-guest-gate. I have also made a pull request to @jgujgu’s repo.

The plugin is in working condition now so it can be moved out of the broken plugin subcategory :tada:


OP is now wiki. Feel free to edit as needed. The plugin linked from the OP is still broken until your PR is moved.


Hi @michaeld

Now, I use your repo or @jgujgu repo?

Right now you need to use mine because @jgujgu has not merged the changes. If he is not going to do that (he has not visited here for >9 months) I will change the start post so it mentions my repo.



I used your Repo and it’s working.

Thank you!

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