Guest Gate (Sign Up Popup Plugin)

That is a “flash of unstyled content”. It’s the inception of the guest gate popup, before it is filled with content and being hidden.

I’ve only seen this on some admin pages so far. I’ll take a look later this week.

I’ve pushed a fix.
The modal needed to have a “hidden” class.


Hi there,

I have a question about this plugin ! I have a french comunity and i would like to find where i can translate the message on the pop-up because Discourse translate it auto mod, and the translate is not good.

And i activate the “custom-gate”, a HUDGE pop-up apear with no css…

Thx a lot guys !

Is it possible to add a posibility to change the random for the gate re appearing?

Either remove it or change the random range entirely, because if you have a first appearing of 3 (for example) the random has high chance of hitting 1 and 2, which can be obnoxious to some users and generate the opposite goal.

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Is there a way to use this plugin to show to a specific Discourse group that is already signed up? I have members and non-members on my site.



Suggestion for a new option:

  • Display Guest Gate after user has scrolled X posts.

That makes more sense than “after X topics”, because organic visitors tend to visit only a single topic and then leave.

To impact those users, i would have to display the gate right away (first topic) which is a little invasive. And if i set it to display on 2nd topic view, it might never be shown to most users.

So i think the option to count by post views could be a better solution.


Another simple (yet, very helpful) request: add a custom css class to the main div, so users can make some tweaks, without breaking another modals. :slight_smile:

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One other small question to throw into the mix: Is it possible to hide the social login buttons and just show I already have an account and Sign up?

I’m using an external SSO and the bottom buttons work properly but I don’t need the OAuth icons.

Update: I just disabled the OAuth logins (which I probably should have already did) and that worked.

Greetings, can anyone please fix this plugin, the thing is, everything works so far, but only when u click on the social buttons, nothing happens.

Thank you, and best regards.


Plugin need update, not working with current update, everything blackout when there is pop up modal, disabling this plugin everything works just fine!


Do you happen to know what the last working Discourse version was?

And maybe someone in the team knows if there were any changes regarding modals lately?

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It was working just fine yesterday, I regular update the discourse version so the very previous version was just fine!

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Ehm guys… @jordan.vidrine @eviltrout this is going to break a lot more stuff



I don’t see how? Nobody should ever be overwriting .hidden to make something visible.

We needed it in this case because we have some display: flex that was overwriting the display: hidden


I have pushed a fix to the plugin.

You are of course right, but I think the same goes for using!important and breaking CSS specificity :wink:


The issue is fixed now, thank you! :heart_decoration:


@michaeld I still see the problem with 2.6.0.beta2 and Guest Gate ec87e87 :frowning: Any modal can be opened just once, after trying to open it again the screen goes dark.
I checked if it is affected by the “max guest topic views” settings but it is not, the only way to fix it is disabling Guest Gate.

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Yep, you are correct.

I have no idea why this is happening, must investigate. To be continued.

EDIT I have pushed a hasty, quick and dirty fix but it seems to do the job. I hope it does not introduce new side effects.

This plugin needs a bigger update but it seems like there is enough duct tape and WD40 for now.


For me it breaks the “similar topics” view, as those have a default class of hidden apparently?

Documented here, before I found this thread: "Your topic is similar to..."-box has class=hidden


Is it possible that it also causes this issue? Bug: Cannot remove a vote