Guest Gate (Sign Up Popup Plugin)

Hi there,

I have a question about this plugin ! I have a french comunity and i would like to find where i can translate the message on the pop-up because Discourse translate it auto mod, and the translate is not good.

And i activate the “custom-gate”, a HUDGE pop-up apear with no css…

Thx a lot guys !

Is it possible to add a posibility to change the random for the gate re appearing?

Either remove it or change the random range entirely, because if you have a first appearing of 3 (for example) the random has high chance of hitting 1 and 2, which can be obnoxious to some users and generate the opposite goal.

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Is there a way to use this plugin to show to a specific Discourse group that is already signed up? I have members and non-members on my site.



Suggestion for a new option:

  • Display Guest Gate after user has scrolled X posts.

That makes more sense than “after X topics”, because organic visitors tend to visit only a single topic and then leave.

To impact those users, i would have to display the gate right away (first topic) which is a little invasive. And if i set it to display on 2nd topic view, it might never be shown to most users.

So i think the option to count by post views could be a better solution.


Another simple (yet, very helpful) request: add a custom css class to the main div, so users can make some tweaks, without breaking another modals. :slight_smile:

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One other small question to throw into the mix: Is it possible to hide the social login buttons and just show I already have an account and Sign up?

I’m using an external SSO and the bottom buttons work properly but I don’t need the OAuth icons.

Update: I just disabled the OAuth logins (which I probably should have already did) and that worked.