Guest Signup Feature/Plugin


I’m new to discourse, one thing I’m searching is a guest signup/login feature, which allow a user to signup by just using their name to start utilizing discourse, I searched through discourse’s massive collection of plugin repos in github org but didn’t find anything related so far.

I would like to create guest accounts for users’ in a discord server to crosspost their bug reports and technical discussions to discourse to make it searchable through google, as discord is a private messaging platform but most discord server’s are using it as a forum too, when someone needs a solution they search it on google and when they don’t find it on there then they directly open a new ticket on discord server, and mostly their question was already answered by someone in the discord server.


Don’t you just want someone to sign in to Discourse using their Discord login? That’s already possible without any plugins.


Thanks Robert for your reply, yeah I know about it and I also saw few bidirectional messaging plugins which allow sending and receiving messages to and from discourse and discord, but I don’t want to add any obstacle for our discord members to visit discourse and login, that’s why they are probably using discord for almost everything for a seamless ux. They will most likely never interact with discourse, just their technical discussions will automatically be posted on discourse for better discoverability.

You might also find this discussion interesting: Watch topic using email address without requiring registration

sure I’ll take a look into it

After reading the whole discussion I think the takeaway is to create an Staged User (it requires email I guess, so I might have to drop this idea), or create an Special User and treat User model appropriately.

I’m thinking of directly inserting users (which include only name and/or profile picture) and topics into db, because I don’t need any functionality discourse provide like notification etc. Is it a correct approach?