Hamburger button behind the logo in the nav with RTL languages

I noticed a strange behaviour of the hamburger button when on mobile:

Is there a quick way to fix it? I have an example in the website but i’m not sure how I can share it here.

Are you only seeing this in a theme you are developing, or is it happening on a production site?

It looks like you have selected a right-to-left language as your locale. In that case, the header is expected to display something similar to this on mobile:

Enabling the support mixed text direction site setting would fix the issue with the display of left-to-right text when a right-to-left locale is being used.


I see. I still have a strange behavior. When I enter the post I saw the nav bar as follows:

But when I scroll down:

Should not it be on the right side? as follows:

How to fix it?