Slide in hamburger menu in 'mobile view' only on touchscreen + mouse desktops

When using ‘mobile view’ on a desktop the slide in hamburger menu is unclickable as it slides away when you move towards it. I often use this to test mobile features without having to use a mobile device.


How is this a “bug”? How does this prevent normal use of Discourse, per the description of the bug category?

Maybe because it slides away before I can switch it back to desktop mode? Perpetual mobile view kinda sucks!


So press F12 and switch to a mobile view in the browser?

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99% of my users don’t know this functionality.

Currently the “Mobile View” is a trap a user cannot easily escape. Maybe the bug is rather that the “Mobile View” link is offered on a desktop browser?

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I suspect simply resizing the browser window would also work.

I’m afraid it doesn’t, and even it if did, @some-user’s point of a user changing this setting would leave them completely lost, yeah I can figure out how to get out of it, but I’m guessing only 1 or 2 of my users would be able to, I think if someone clicked this setting they would view that as a major bug.

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This makes it really hard to use mobile view on any device with a mouse, which is pretty annoying when developing. I moved this topic from #bug to #dev, since it doesn’t affect most people’s “normal use”.

I’m sure it didn’t used to be an issue. @featheredtoast any ideas? Maybe related to the ember upgrade?


What in the name of holy hell are y’all talking about here? :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: WHY is this topic still present?

I see NO link to “Mobile View” anywhere on the desktop. I am on Chrome, Windows 10 right now and there’s zero “Mobile View” selection possible in the hamburger menu or anywhere else.

I am using the F12 developer menu in my browser to exercise the mobile view this very second and I have zero issues whatsoever clicking in and out of the mobile slide menus.

This affects developers (hence #dev). It certainly affected me just now.

Sure, you can ‘get around’ the issue by using chrome’s mobile simulator. But when testing mobile things I find it much easier to use ?mobile_view=1. Try that, without the mobile simulator, and you’ll see how annoying the issue is.

It’s not urgent in the slightest, but would be nice to fix.

Doing so makes zero sense! This is the dictionary definition of “Doctor, It Hurts When I Do This”

Use the functionality built into the browser to test mobile behaviors!

  • that’s exactly why it was created in the first place
  • it’s trivial to enter and exit
  • it lets you simulate a slew of mobile devices (and bandwidths!) perfectly

This topic is a colossal waste of everyone’s time. I guess the only good news is maybe people can learn to use the proper tools instead of, I don’t know, repeatedly punching themselves in the face and complaining that … their face kinda hurts? I mean we’re talking about DEVELOPERS here, right? That know how to use TOOLS?


p.s. next time leave the topic deleted

I’m as well, and the link is present in (my) hamburger menu:

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I tested in four different browsers, logged in, logged out, and they all show it, on meta.

IF a user were to click on this they would be stuck in mobile view on their desktop, I was only able to get out because I have a touch screen. This is not the same as pressing F12. It seems as though the mobile view button should go away since only developers would ever need this.


The reason you see it on desktop, and other people don’t, is:

We used to show the ‘mobile view’ button for narrow browsers as well, but I think that was removed recently.


Gotcha, I actually forgot I had a touch screen since I never use it, but this forced me to use after I realized I was stuck in this view. Seems like it shouldn’t be visible as more and more people have touch screens.

Ok this is a legit complaint for dual touchscreen and mouse computers then, and I will edit the topic title to make that more clear.

The more surgical fix is not to show this option in that specific (and rare) case. But as I recall it is nearly impossible to detect simultaneous mouse and touchscreen capable devices in the browser.


Still basically impossible

And this


This should fix your case here - I’ve improved the event handlers on this so pan events are now only registered on touch events :tomato:


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