Hardware requirements for each container?

So I’ve looked at the official hardware recommendations, and they give (wonderful! Super useful!) hardware recommendations for (what appears to be) all of the containers running on a single host. However, I’d like to have AWS/GCP/etc. host the database using a hosted offering, and would like Redis on a separate instance as well, to try and keep the state isolated from the stateless web server. That way I can autoscale it and take advantage of hosted offerings whenever possible.

My question is: is there any guidance on a per-container basis for hardware suggestions? (Assuming there are more containers involved here than I’m anticipating, I’m mostly asking about the hardware requirements for web/postgres/redis individually.) I’m assuming a good chunk of the 1GB of memory is for Postgres and Redis, and I could get away with serving the webserver on 512MB of RAM for a smaller community, but I wanted to check and see if the Rails app had a baseline I wasn’t considering.

There’s only one container by default. About half the memory goes to Redis/PostgreSQL in a typical small-scale setup, so if you’re running a web-only container, on a suitably small-scale site, yes, you could probably get away with a 512MB VM just for the app server.


Awesome, thanks! Appreciate the insight.