Hardware requirements for each container?

(Paddy Carver) #1

So I’ve looked at the official hardware recommendations, and they give (wonderful! Super useful!) hardware recommendations for (what appears to be) all of the containers running on a single host. However, I’d like to have AWS/GCP/etc. host the database using a hosted offering, and would like Redis on a separate instance as well, to try and keep the state isolated from the stateless web server. That way I can autoscale it and take advantage of hosted offerings whenever possible.

My question is: is there any guidance on a per-container basis for hardware suggestions? (Assuming there are more containers involved here than I’m anticipating, I’m mostly asking about the hardware requirements for web/postgres/redis individually.) I’m assuming a good chunk of the 1GB of memory is for Postgres and Redis, and I could get away with serving the webserver on 512MB of RAM for a smaller community, but I wanted to check and see if the Rails app had a baseline I wasn’t considering.

(Matt Palmer) #2

There’s only one container by default. About half the memory goes to Redis/PostgreSQL in a typical small-scale setup, so if you’re running a web-only container, on a suitably small-scale site, yes, you could probably get away with a 512MB VM just for the app server.

(Paddy Carver) #3

Awesome, thanks! Appreciate the insight.