Harmless "Thank You" Replies Flagged For Approval

Good afternoon, my moderator has shared this concern with me. Can anyone share an idea to address this? Thank you.

System is catching a lot of short “Thank you” replies in its filter, these are common and always benevolent, and this doesn’t seem to be something open to abuse because the Posts Read criteria for TL3 is quite high, and Regulars will observe anyone artificially inflating their post count by making an excessive amount of these. I’m not sure what the settings are, but thought I’d mention it since it occurs frequently.


Discourse goes out of its way to avoid the need for short or repetitive posts. GG, OK and thanks don’t add anything significant to the conversation and unnecessarily bump the topic.

The like button is the first step in that direction, people can give thanks and show appreciation without adding to topic bloat or unnecessarily bumping, all with a single click.

If you want a wider range of responses take a look at the Retort plugin, which allows you to offer a broad number of reactions.


Probably typed too quickly or pasted, which we associated with spammer behavior. There is a site setting for minimum typing time by new users, but this is very dangerous to change as it opens you up to a lot of spam.

Sounds like you also reduced the minimum post length default, which exacerbates the problem.

It is better to educate your community to use the like button.