Has anyone heard from the Procourse team?

Apologies that this isn’t necessarily on topic with anything for this forum (and I have no idea what category to stick this in), but I’ve recently turned my attention back to some feature improvements that I wanted to hire @joebuhlig and his procourse team for, but his website has gone down, and it doesn’t seem that he’s made an appearance here on the forum in quite some time. I know there’s nothing actionable I can do, but I’m a little worried / sad because he and his tools left a very positive impression on me.

Does anyone know if he’s still lurking somewhere? If not, is anyone interested in a fairly large paid gig to support some of his features?

Thanks in advance - and if this is too off topic, please feel free to moderate it accordingly.


His last post was on Thu, Jun 11, 2020, you can hear him here :wink:

Contact info: Contact Joe


I don’t believe that Joe is doing Discourse work any longer so you might be better off either advertising the work here or getting in touch with @angus (who does similar work).


Hey Keith,

As Hawk mentioned, Pavilion can help you out with your project (you can PM me).

If you’re using a Procourse plugin, want to use one, have a bug, or a feature request with Procourse Discourse work, let me know. I’m a member of the Procourse github org and can assist.


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