Has the email font changed for meta?

As of some unknown number of days ago, the emails from meta have a really really thin font, which makes reading on my phone extremely difficult.

This is how emails look in Gmail app:

This is how emails look in my normal email client - AquaMail:

On the other hand, this is how emails look on a different discourse instance which is not yet updated to latest tests-passed:

I find the font here much more pleasing to read, as it has better contrast.

(Please ignore the extremely large font size, I tried to increase the font, hoping that something might change).

On the other hand, on the desktop I found no issues with the font, only on mobile:

Using a OnePlus 5t
Android 9


Thanks for reporting that. I have tested an email sent from Meta on an email testing service. I am finding the issue with very light text on all versions of the Android Gmail app. All other email clients that I’ve tested it on seem to be unaffected.


The issue with very light text in emails sent to Meta when read on the Android Gmail app has been fixed. The problem was that we needed to explicitly set the font-weight property for all td elements that are used in the body of the email.

Thanks again for reporting this! We send a lot of emails from Meta and should have caught the problem sooner.

There are still some issues with the custom email template that we are using when emails are read on Outlook - the side border of the emails isn’t displayed correctly and there is a blue bar at the bottom of the emails that doesn’t look great. I think it’s time for a new email template. We’ll get that taken care of soon.


Can confirm it’s fixed.
Thanks, Simon!


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