Has the freelance market started to pickup? What kind of potential do you guys see?

As discourse starts to pickup steam, what kind of freelance type opportunities do you guys think will start to get popular? Has it started much yet?

Even with Discourse’s hosted option, are there opportunities there also or will that side of the business be 100% managed by them? i.e. customization and importing will be all automated

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Customization. Both in terms of visuals and gluing together a set of plugins and making sure everything clicks together.
Maybe deployments to use existing login systems/databases.

Here’s what I think.

“Different” hosting. wordpress.com offers a level of free hosting and enterprise hosting; but that did not push out the large number of hosts along that range. Support levels that range from someone on call 24/7 to 24/0. If someone did free hosting right…

Integration will be big too; as well as large scale migrations/management of users like @cowboytomash said. Also, maybe a merging of metrics from other systems?

Themeing. If you type in <popular forum software/blogging software> themes into google you get a ton of results. People providing themes is a huge market as well.

I for one would love to hire someone with experience to set up a discourse forum for me and integrate it with a new wordpress site.

I could not find a thread/sub forum here and have been unsuccessful in searching odesk and freelancer.

If anyone is available for hire in a week - 10 day’s time please message me :smile:

Alternatively if you can point me to an active freelancer market place, I’d be very grateful.