Hashtag autocomplete issue

Noticed an issue with # autocomplete when composing a reply. Basically I start typing # in a context where I don’t want to tag something (e.g. #s) but even after hitting ‘space’, or several spaces, the autocomplete dialogue still shows and if I hit ‘return’ it autocompletes when I didn’t want it to.

Note: below Dropbox video link seems to not be displaying correctly as embed. Here’s the raw URL: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dx4tlkobrx1w170/discourse-hashtag-autocomplete-bug.mov?dl=0

Example here:

Use this
instead of this

(had already been reported by someone, now I can not find the related topic)

So press ESCAPE? Not sure exactly what the value of this report is.

I mean I never said it was a major bug. Just reporting funky behavior / trying to be helpful. A space or a return should be enough to exit the autocomplete dialog. Of course do with it (or not) what you will :slight_smile: If there’s some severity threshold for reporting stuff no worries but if so I didn’t know about it and I’m on here a lot!


Oh, this is actually bug with how we handle tags there, after space it should definitely close.


Fixed per:



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