#tags won't autocomplete at start of line

A minor issue: autocompleting of tags won’t work when the # is the first character of a line.

Not really a bug, but might be confusing if you are unfamiliar with markdown. Lines beginning with # means something in markdown, and it’d be weird if I saw a list of tags or categories every time I’m writing a header.

# a header renders to:

a header

You can add a space before the # as a workaround.


Well, the header requires a space between the # and the first character, a tag doesn’t. So technically there’s a difference, no?

Its a trade-off

  • Be really annoying out of the box when you try to create titles


  • Autocomplete for tags/categories

I see a minor feature request here which is fine for, when you are at the beginning of a line:

#b :arrow_backward: autocomplete appears.

So we basically wait one more char instead of totally giving up.