Hating on the Discobot tutorial

Have to admit that I’m finding the new user tutorial aggravating.

How long IS this thing?

And there are some things I don’t wanna do… like I absolutely refuse to post an emoticon! But you can’t answer ‘no’ to the discobot.

Plus you can’t ‘skip’ again after you’ve skipped something on its suggestion.

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Oh, you’re serious. Either way, I really enjoyed your post. :laughing:

I’m serious now, I didn’t realise that skip only works once in Discobot.


Hey, ya gotta have fun griping 'bout a bot! So, serious… but not taking it seriously.

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Assuming you’re serious here, you can simply stop following the tutorial. There’s nothing forcing you to complete it. I sign up on numerous sites daily as part of my job, and I skip discobot on each and everyone one of them.


I’m actually curious about what’s in there. (Since our group just put up a Discourse installation.)

But I just want to flip through them rather than do the exercises. (Typical lazy 'puter abuser!)

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Not the best solution, but you can read through the translation file if you really want to skip completing the tutorial.


Most excellent! A few of the items were very enlightening and I’m not aggravated anymore!

Plus I can go back and find the one I’ll almost remember in the future!

But the Discobot really oughtta learn ‘no’ is an acceptable answer. Even if we’re not two-year-olds. (‘No!’ seems to be the favorite word at that age.)