Have been following closely for a long time, finally getting a community started

(Stephanie Daugherty) #1

I’ve been following Discourse closely since it was first announced, and a friend asked me for advice on what software to build a new community with. Having participated in a few of the early communities including How To Geek out of curiousity, and seen the direction with which the project has headed, I wholeheartedly recommended Discourse.

Of course, this turned into “can you set it up for me”, and I’m happy to say the setup went amazingly well, even with my fatfingered typos in the app.yml on the first try, and the admin interface really is a dream come true for anyone that’s had to work with those other antiquated forums.

After getting it all up and running, I mangled the SSO setup, and was pleased that a quick search of Meta got me back into Discourse in minutes. Thank you for both amazing software and an amazing community behind it.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Hey that’s great!! Let us know how we can help, I personally love feedback from people who run active Discourse communities, it’s my favorite kind of feedback.