Have mailing list mode respect monitoring level

(Andy Logan) #1


We’re setting up Discourse for our product forums, and want to make sure that certain people monitor certain sub-forums in their product area. We really like mailing list mode, but it requires us to filter on the email receiver side. What we would like to be able to do is have mailing list mode respect the selected monitoring level.

For instance, if I set a forum to Monitoring from the pull down have mailing list email me like it does today, but if I had it set to normal or muted I should not receive email notifications for those. This would allow our product managers and SMEs to in certain product areas to only receive emails about their topics.

I can’t see a way to get the system to do this today. If I missed something please let me know!


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(Jeff Atwood) #2

These are mutually exclusive goals.

Mailing list mode means, by definition, you want an email of every single (public) post in the system. That is its purpose, its reason for existing. All filtering has to – again, by definition – be performed on the mailing side.

It sounds like you really don’t want mailing list mode. Just have the relevant folks go into the target categories and set those categories to

  • Watching (notify me of every post in every topic in this category)
  • Watching First Post only (notify me of the first post in each new topic in this category)

You can also set the user preference “email me even if I am active on the site” to make sure people get “double notified”, that is, notified once in the web UI while they are active on the site, and then emailed the same notification they just got in their web browser.

(Andy Logan) #3

OK, let me try that out. I set it on my side to turn off mailing list mode and stopped receiving posts even though I had it set to watching on that forum and notification while on site.