Have some problems with my brand-new instance

Hello, I really enjoy how instance of Discource on Digital Ocean works.
Thank You, developers, for such open-source solution that helps non-profits from Ukraine at war with Russia to work for the good.

  1. “@” does not work in chats and topics/comments - does not mention anyone;
  2. I read in one of support topics that daily mails to members is enabled by default. I`ve created test user, but for two days he does not receive any e-mail (posted some topics to check);
  3. I plan to create 10 groups of users. Can I make only some categories avaialble to each group?
  4. Can I give moderator rights to particular person to manage only one category?
    Thank You in advance for any suggestions and tips!
    Have a good and peaceful week!

You can do this, just make your groups, then when making or editing a category remove “everyone” and add the group(s) you want to have access instead under Security.

I do not believe they can be given to a specific person, however it could be given to a group with one person in it. (Under Settings > Moderation)


Search for “category moderators”


Dear @Firepup650, thank You very much for the prompt reply!
Looks that now I know how to solve this.
UPD: mention just works - my mistake.
God bless :pray:

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Thank You. I will!

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