Heading for group of categories

Hi All, my community needs to create around 10 categories for general discussion and around 1000 categories for companies that are coded by their stock ticker.

Is it possible to put the 1000 categories/tickers into a “group” with a title in the category drop down so that users trying to navigate using the category drop down know what they are looking at?

So instead of seeing this:

  • Main topic 1
  • Main topic 2
  • Main topic 3
  • CXY
  • AVZ
  • AUZ

Id like them to see this

  • Main topic 1
  • Main topic 2
  • Main topic 3
    Company List

Thank you

This is not a good idea. You should use tags for the company names, not categories. See It’s Time We Talked About Tags


Additionally, making a static page that lists all available companies and associated tags would help out tremendously.

You could then include the link to the static page in the hamburger menu with the Custom Hamburger Menu Links theme component. Easy to find and placement is right with the general discussion categories.


Thanks. To what extent can tags be hardwired?

I’ll have one page per company so all threads for that company page need to list that
company tag exclusively. Can you stop users adding other tags to their thread?

Im also want to restrict people posting company related threads on the general category sections.