Help accessing and using the review queue

Hello, this might sound stupid. As an admin where do I access the queue of topics/posts that are requiring approval ? I can see the notifications in the hamburger menu but I can’t see any link.

Edit: I found the /review path but I don’t understand why for an admin it’s not accessible in the menu where the notifications appear. I also don’t understand the scoring system that explains why the post needs approval.

Surprisingly as the user, I am level 1 and the category doesn’t require post approvals, so I’m not even sure why a new topic requires approval in the first place.


Hi David,

I can explain part of your question. By default (this value can be changed) the first 50 users on your site will be automatically promoted to TL1 (Basic User). You can disable this by going into your site settings and searching for this bootstrap mode min users. You can also change the trust level settings by navigating to your site settings and look for Trust levels in the sidebar settings. To change post approval setting just search approve in the site settings.

Thanks :wink:


The default settings are also there as a guideline and help protect your site from being spammed/exploited/whateveryouwannacallit.

Each site is unique and should be setup as such. Out of the box settings might work for one site, but not the other.

I encourage you to go to your admin>settings and review each setting. If you don’t know what a setting does, Google it. If you don’t come right, then please feel free to ask on meta.

All the best.

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@IAmGav @ondrej Thanks for your replies

For anyone looking:

  • the review queue can be found at https://<domain name>/review
  • the link to the review queue doesn’t appear in the menu but rather in the profile dropdown under the messages icon as an activity. Possibly a UX flaw.
  • There is an error (?) with the discourse-multilingual plugin that affects approving posts. At least, the fix is not indicated in the error message. We fixed the issue by changing the parameter: "multilingual require content language tag" = no

There was indeed a specific Trust Level setting that prevented TL1 users from posting and I changed it in Settings.
I haven’t found any explanations to the Scoring of Trust Level posts under the Review queue but I also haven’t thoroughly looked through the appropriate feed for the Review page.


You will see it when you a moderator. By default, an Admin is not a moderator. Make sure to set yourself as one.