Help/Advise on starting a new community from scratch?


I work for an edge computing startup and we recently released all our market research (see here and here) and want to start a community to actively collaborate and share the total market understanding. We are thinking to do this as a wiki with as valuable discussion support around it as possible.
Can anybody advise if Discourse is the best platform to do this with and if there are any examples of people who are already using it this way? I hope this is the right place to ask this question and I appreciate all/any guidance on the right platform to choose and also how to build a good community.



Hi Geoff,
That is a great use case for Discourse, yes. If you want some additional resources for choosing a platform (you’ll likely not get an objective opinion here) then check out The CMX Guide to Community Platforms, 2nd Edition [New Resource]

As far as starting from scratch/launching a community goes, you’ll find all the reading you ever need (and more) here: How To Build An Online Community: The Ultimate List Of Resources (2013) | FeverBee

If you have specific questions then drop them here and I’d be happy to help.

Also check out Justin’s new Knowledge Base theme component: Knowledge Base Theme Component That will help with ease of use when it comes to trawling through documentation.