Help developing a new discourse wordpress widget

Im looking for others who wants to help developing a new theme widget for wordpress.

The idea
The main idea is to let wordpress get content from your discourse forum and present your posts on the frontpage of wordpress. This way you can change your discourse layout and have a dynamic wordpress frontpage. My idea was to do this myself but I have reach my limitation :).
Therefore this post in the hope that we could do this together and share a new way to use discourse in combination with wordpress.

The theme
The theme I have choosen is the free colormag theme: COLORMAG – Best Magazine WordPress theme for 2018 by Themegrill.

What is my thoughts
I would like to add a new widget that grant post from a certain category in the forum - instead of getting it from wordpress it self.

Let my picture it.

This is a colormag theme widget. In this this wigdet you get the latest 5 articles from the Health category in wordpress .

Instead it should get the latest posts from a given forum category:

Where to get data from
The data comes from the json. If your category have this link

Then you find the json

You get the list of categories here

dev site

If you like this project - please help :smiley:

Seems like I was able to solve it. I might share, when it is done. For now I did delete the code as it wasnt for any help :smiley:

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