Colormag Wordpress Theme Discourse Widget

I have been able to make my first plugin for Wordpress and Discourse.

It let you change the wordpress theme not only to get content from articles - but now you can mix articles and forum posts. I have been able to recode the widgets for the colormag theme.

Im not a coder I have to say, just a sparetime coder who find it funny - so the code might be a little buggy and not the most beautyful :slight_smile:

I did add 2 new widgets and by them you can either get the latest posts from a specific forum category (choosen from a dropdown) or the latest posts from your site.

Widget Style 1

With a output like

Widget Style 2

With a output like

It is controlled in wordpress with these settings:

You can see a live demo here:

The original theme you find here:


To do’s

  • find someone who can review the code
  • some kind of cache for random images
  • eg add a greyscale or blur option for random images or both
    – ?grayscale
    – ?blur
    – ?grayscale&blur
  • style optimation
    – are all div tags closed?
  • add more option in the admin page


You find the beta files here.

But to reduce loading time it seems like it need some more skilled coder to go through the code… :frowning:

I hope someone in the community want to help. As said in the first post, Im not a coder by profession.

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If anyone sees the idea of the plugin and want to contribute - please join by adding your code… :smiley:

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What is the fatest?

To do at the moment : read date from the json file located at the distance server

Or let my script download the json file and then read data from the json file on the server where I run wordpress?

Im not that skilled coder and I need to speed up the script, so it is usefull :slight_smile:

Preview (where I use my disourse forum):


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Is the colormag theme free?

yes that’s the reason I use it as the template. You can buy a pro edition as well. This plugin should work with that edition too.

Now it support grayscale, or blur effect if random images is choosen

A new demo site - and live site (Im not able to edit the first post)

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I also use Colormag theme and I too made a small widget to add the last forum topics in the sidebar:

I won’t share the code since it’s very, very messy, I dont’ even made any Wordpress setting.
But basically, it display the last created topics and I excluded some less interesting categories.
I use a WP CRON task to update the content of the widget once a day.

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