Colormag Wordpress Theme Discourse Widget

Sneak peek
I have been able to make my first plugin for Wordpress and Discourse.

It let you change the wordpress theme not only to get content from articles - but now you can mix articles and forum posts. I have been able to recode the widgets for the colormag theme.

Im not a coder I have to say, just a sparetime coder who find it funny - so the code might be a little buggy and not the most beautyful :slight_smile:

I did add 2 new widgets and by them you can either get the latest posts from a specific forum category (choosen from a dropdown) or the latest posts from your site.

Widget Style 1

With a output like

Widget Style 2

With a output like

It is controlled in wordpress with these settings:

You can see a live demo here:

The original theme you find here:


To do’s

  • find someone who can review the code
  • some kind of cache for random images
  • eg add a greyscale or blur option for random images or both
    – ?grayscale
    – ?blur
    – ?grayscale&blur
  • style optimation
    – are all div tags closed?
  • add more option in the admin page
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You find the beta files here.

But to reduce loading time it seems like it need some more skilled coder to go through the code… :frowning:

I hope someone in the community want to help. As said in the first post, Im not a coder by profession.